Angel investor

I love business and entrepreneurship. It's been in my DNA from a young age. As well as running my own enterprises, I'm always looking to invest in early-stage startups or small businesses. Below are some of my investments.


A tech startup leveraging the power of artificial intelligence to make people smarter.
The vision is to help one million people become smarter by using AI.
Potential exit between 2028 - 2030.

web3 designer & web3 developers

Two service based tech companies operating in the web3 space.
The vision is to be the go-to for all design and development requirements for web 3 projects.
Potential exit between 2028 - 2030.


A tech company leveraging artificial intelligence to help limit climate change through it's app.
The vision is to reduce waste by helping people swap and zap items seamlessly instead of sending to waste.
Potential exit between 2028 - 2030.

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